La Inquisición: Leyenda Negra de Sevilla
The Spanish Inquisition: Dark Legends of Seville

Discover the stories and tales surrounding the neighbourhood of Triana, where the seed of Seville’s popular character is focused. The area is an ideal setting for the origin and development of many legends and myths surrounding the most characteristic places of the neighbourhood, located on the other side of the Guadalquivir River. The Plaza del Altozano, on the shores of the Guadalquivir River The Castle…

Sevilla monumental
Monumental Seville: The Royal Alcázar, the Cathedral and the Torre del Oro

Seville is an impressive city in many aspects, whether it be for its culture, its climate or its gastronomy. However, undoubtedly one of the best surprises for visitors of this Spanish city are the monuments located throughout the historic city centre. In the sections ahead, we will highlight three that are considered mandatory to see during a visit to Sevilla: The Royal Alcázar, the Cathedral…

ruta panorámica Sevilla
A Panoramic Route Through Seville

If you are considering taking a panoramic route through one of the most beautiful cities in the world, do not hesitate to follow our recommendations and discover the most incredible locations and monuments in Seville. You will see the largest gardens in the entire southern city, passing through the only navigable river in Spain until you reach the largest gothic cathedral in the world. Are…

Disfruta de Andalucía realizando estas actividades al aire libre este verano
Experience Andalusia Outdoors This Summer

Sunny days and nights without a jacket. The excellent climate makes this region one of the most popular during holiday periods to do all kinds of outdoor activities and not just to take a dip in the Mediterranean and Atlantic beaches. The large variety of leisure activities, as well as its rich culture and appetizing gastronomy makes it almost difficult to choose between the many…

Sevilla en primavera
Seville in Spring. An Important City To Visit

Many have said that Seville has a special colour and they are absolutely correct. This southern capital city is held dear by nearly everyone that visits, whether it is due to the weather, its monuments or any of the other numerous events that occur throughout the year. This destination city has a long history and deep-rooted culture which attracts a large number of tourists as…

Summer plans to enjoy Sevilla

Seville is a city rich in art, culture, history, cookery and sun. If you visit Seville this summer don’t be afraid of hot and enjoy all kind of activities that are offered in this beautiful city. From the culture of its museums and monuments to the fun of theme parks. We propose you a selection of the best activities. Summer plans in Sevilla   Concerts…

7 basic tips to start in golf

Golf is a sport that requires concentration, precision and coordination. Beginning in this sport may at first be slightly intimidating, but everyone can learn. If you are determined to begin this exciting sport, here are some basic tips. 1.Take classes Learning to play golf alone or with friends is complicated. To get started in this sport, it is better to take some practical classes with…

5 museums in Seville to visit

Seville is one of the most visited cities in Andalusia and has also recently been chosen by Lonely Planet as “the best city to travel in 2018”. No one doubts about the beauty of this city in which art is breathed in every corner, but in which we can also find art and history in its different and interesting museums. Sevilla and its museums Seville…

Interview with Jesús Morillo, Head of Kitchen of Green Suites Café.

Jesús Morillo tell us his profesional career, his passion for cooking and his new project as Head of Kitchen in Green Suites Coffee.   What has been your culinary journey? My passion for cooking actually began in my home with my family, watching my mother and my grandmother cook. Although my academic training was carried out in the Superior School of Hospitality of Seville, of…


We are pleased to welcome everyone to the blog of Sevilla Green Suites, the only hotel in Seville that is located next to a golf course that, along with its range of services, will without doubt become a reference in the hotel sector in the city. From this space we will talk about all the news of the hotel, as well as all the information that may be relevant for our followers and users.

But… what is Sevilla Green Suites?

Sevilla Green Suites is a new 4-star hotel in Seville, with an enviable location and facilities in a city as touristic as Seville. Sevilla Green Suites is composed of rooms and apartments, all equipped with all amenities, including 3 luxury suites. If you want to know more details about all the types of accommodations that Sevilla Green Suites offers to its users, click here.

A paradise for the golfer

The city of Seville is fortunate to have the 5th best golf course in Spain and one of the 100 best in Europe: the Real Club Sevilla Golf. It was designed in 1991 by one of the greatest golfers in the history of our country, José María Olazábal and has 18 holes opened 363 days a year, be able to enjoy not only exceptional facilities for golfing, but also 14 Padel courts, 9 tennis courts, a gym and a children’s club for youngsters under 14 years old. The Real Club Sevilla Golf is one of the golf courses in Spain that hosts most of the European Golf Tour, highlighting the Seville Open, the World Cup, the Open of Spain and the Andalusian Open in 2009.

The city of Sevilla as a main tourist attraction

Sevilla Green Suites is located just 12 minutes away from the historic center of Seville, being, an ideal place to enjoy all the magic of Seville, staying in a quiet environment while being close to the city. Sevilla Green Suites is perfectly communicating with the city of Seville, being very close to the main traffic axes of the city (SE-30 and SE-40), also having a metro stop and a metropolitan bus line nearby. Seville has countless activities to do from the tourist, cultural and sports points of views. Get to know its main festivities, such as the Holy Week or the Seville Fair, get lost in its historic center, visit beautiful and emblematic places such as the Cathedral, the Royal Alcazar of Seville or the Torre del Oro, or explore its most popular streets and squares, like Triana or the neighbourhood ofSanta Cruz, are, along with many others, the main attractions of a city ranked as one of the cities to visit in 2018.

If you are thinking about traveling to Seville, do not hesitate to visit our website, where you can book the accommodation that best suits your needs.

Do not forget to follow our blog, from where we hope to keep surprising you.

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