Aplicaciones móviles que debes descargar para viajar
The Top 4 Essential Travel Apps to Download

No matter how you travel, there are certain elements that require organisation. Choosing a destination, setting a total budget, booking a hotel room, buying plane or train tickets…and we could go on listing tasks but we won’t because we know you are familiar with them all. Therefore, we want to make your life easier on your next trip, so we’ve compiled a list of top mobile applications that you should download to help organise and plan everything you need. Keep reading and discover all the details!

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is currently the flight search engine par excellence. If it was already easy to use in the web version, the application is, if possible, even more dynamic and intuitive to use. Skyscanner is ideal to search for flights around the world at an affordable price and in a simple way for users. You only have to mark an origin and a destination and set a date, which can be approximate, and voilà! You’ll have a wide range of flights at your disposal to choose from, depending on what suits you best. It is available for both iPhone and Android.

2. Google Translate

Are you going to visit a foreign country and don’t know the language? Not to worry! We’ve got the perfect solution so that you don’t get stuck when it comes to understanding the typical bar sign or how to find the entrance to a museum or site. Google Translate is the perfect tool to instantly translate everything you don’t understand. It may not be a perfect translation but it will surely be very helpful, and you will not regret having it! Also available on iPhone and Android.

3. WhatsApp

Probably the most common of this list, WhatsApp is a great way to communicate with your family or friends when you are away from home or even with your fellow travellers during the same trip when you need to meet up. Most likely you already have it downloaded, but just in case, we remind you to have it available at any time. It is true that there are countries in the world where its use is not allowed, so in those cases, an exception would be made with another instant messaging application.

4. Noaa Weather Radar Live

One of the biggest dilemmas when organising a trip is knowing what the weather will be like at the destination we are going to visit and, therefore, what kind of clothes to pack. Will it be cold and will I need long pants and a coat or, on the contrary, will it be hot and I will have to pack short sleeved shirts? We have all asked ourselves this question at some point! For this, Noa a Radar Weather gives us the solution. It is a mobile application that indicates the real time of any point in the world as far as skies and oceans are concerned. It will be, therefore, the perfect tool to choose the most suitable clothes for your next trip.

With these downloaded apps you will already have a large part of the trip organisation done with a click. You’ll have your issues solved even before beginning from the weather to translating a foreign language. Sounds good, right? If you are going to take a trip soon, download them to your mobile and discover all the advantages of having them at your fingertips!

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