Ideas para los adornos navideños de casa
Simple ideas for Christmas decorations at home

With Christmas quickly approaching, are you looking to decorate your home with a different touch this year? You’re in the right place! Christmas decorations don’t have to be difficult to find or create if you follow the advice we offer at Hotel Sevilla GreenSuites. Decorating your home to brighten up the atmosphere and celebrate Christmas sounds wonderful, so take note of our recommendations to bring your rooms to life. What are you waiting for to get started?

Trends in Christmas decorations

Before we start with decoration ideas, we’ve detailed a few characteristics that best define decorative styles this time of year. Do you like bright colours and clearly defined shapes? Or are you more minimalist and prefer simple and warm decorations? Keep reading and find out more!

1.Full-colour decorations: Christmas is synonymous with joy and enthusiasm. Which makes brightly coloured decorations, traditional prints or natural motifs ideal. The best part? You can most likely reuse decorations that you already have at home and, therefore, create a warm and original atmosphere without the need to buy new ones.

2. Decorations for families with children: Younger family members can be the best helpers when it comes to making crafts. This way, we can also have them participate in a magical creative process and make special areas of the house with original decorations. Keep in mind, depending on age, we recommend using more easily created decorations and not necessarily those that are fragile and susceptible to breaking.

3. Rural-style decorations: If you have the opportunity to use natural materials, such as tree branches, fresh leaves, wooden boards or paper in brown and green tones, you will already have most of the decoration ready! Simply combine these materials in the way that best suits your home to create your own style. Tip: Adding real or fake candles is always a good option if you’re looking for something a bit more cozy.

4. Nordic-style decorations: This style, with its minimalist character, is the undisputed protagonist when it comes to Christmas interior decoration. The combination between wood and glass or between candles and furry blankets is ideal for creating a comforting and Christmas-like atmosphere with white and grey tones.

Simple ideas for Christmas decorations

Once you have chosen the decorative style that best suits your personal taste, it is time to create some areas of your home where peace, joy and celebration go hand in hand to commemorate Christmas in its purest essence. Here are some simple ideas that you can prepare even with younger family members:

Add lights and candles

Lights come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used to decorate almost any area of your home. Also, we recommend decorating with real or fake candles to give your home a warm touch during the winter season.

Include details in red and green

From flowers to fabric bows, every detail in red and green is welcome at Christmastime. The key to choosing a good location is to first identify if the colours match your home furniture.

Make a centrepiece

If you prefer more discreet Christmas decorations, you might want to consider simple centrepieces. Completely personalised with candles, reindeer, pine cones or maybe even a decorative wreath or a loaf of bread. With a good amount of imagination, you will only need to choose the pieces and place them in the centre of the table. It will be a real hit!

Make your own Christmas tree

Would you like to create an original tree? It’s easy! Choose your favourite pictures and place them on a wall creating the shape of a tree. And voila! You will have a different and original tree from the rest that unite all your favourite memories in the space you choose.

Give your home a touch of personality this Christmas and prepare some of these Christmas decoration suggestions. And, if you do it as a team, the little ones at home will have a great time creating decorations!

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