Learn More About the Hotel Sevilla GreenSuites

Looking to stay at Hotel Sevilla Greensuites? Learn more about all of our facilities from our restaurant to daily cleaning service.

Bath or Shower in Your Home Bathroom?

From the Hotel Sevilla GreenSuites, we’ve put together an analysis of pros and cons of each of these elements to help you decide which is best for you.

Ideas para los adornos navideños de casa
Simple ideas for Christmas decorations at home

Decorating the house to brighten up the atmosphere and celebrate Christmas is a good plan. Take note of our tips!

Plaza de España Sevilla
Top 7 places to visit (mentally) in Spain

It’s never too early to start planning future trips! For now, take some notes and discover the top 7 best places to travel in Spain.

viajar durante la pandemia del covid 19
Tips for travel during COVID-19

Travelling in times of Covid-19? Make sure to follow these tips to ensure safety and health are first and foremost.

Aplicaciones móviles que debes descargar para viajar
The Top 4 Essential Travel Apps to Download

Taking a trip? Make sure to download these apps to help you on your trip for anything from the weather to translations to tickets.

Paisaje natural de España
Three reasons to travel throughout Spain

Spain is the ideal place to travel, filled with architectural gems, gastronomical pleasures and historical curiosities that everyone should experience.

Los beneficios mentales de viajar
The Psychological Benefits of Travel

Touring the world is not only fun and exciting, it also helps you live longer and better. That’s not just us saying it, science has studied it and corroborated it, for the record! The truth is that traveling makes us more empathetic, broadens our perspectives, increases our knowledge, generates positive thinking and many other things. And, that’s how we perceive it when we return home…

Consejos para planificar el viaje perfecto
Tips to Plan the Perfect Trip

When organizing a trip, even the most experienced traveller has questions like: How can I plan everything so that there are no surprises during my trip? Or, what should I do to arrive at my destination with all the necessary information? These are logical questions that anyone who is planning a trip, sooner or later, will ask themselves. Therefore, from the Hotel GreenSuites Sevilla we’ve…

Consejos para conseguir la relajación del cuerpo y de la mente
Tips to Relax Your Mind and Body

Feeling stressed throughout the day? Learn how to feel calmer with these tips and techniques for relaxing both your body and mind.

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