viajar durante la pandemia del covid 19
Tips for travel during COVID-19

The situation regarding the global COVID-19 pandemic has been evolving and we have lived through different stages within a reality marked by restrictions in mobility and health warnings. Even today there are constant changes in restrictions and therefore, from the Hotel Sevilla GreenSuites we want to offer a series of tips if you are in still willing to travel. First and foremost, health and safety are key, but keep reading to learn more details!

Follow health recommendations

It is clear that many might be experiencing unpleasant situations and the desire to travel and see other places is increasing every day. But we must be responsible with our actions and follow the health recommendations given by the authorities of each location. Among these recommendations are to maintain a social distance of 2 metres from other people, to wear a mask, to wash our hands frequently or avoid contact with surfaces that are being handled.

We probably already know many of these recommendations, due to the months that we have been applying them, but it is convenient to keep them in mind at all times so that we do not lower our guard when we are in interior or exterior spaces surrounded by other people. In whatever circumstance, the first priority should always be health and safety.

Research the local restrictions

It is also important to be informed about the measures taken by the authorities and about the recommendations launched by the health entities. It is key to know what the restrictions are at the state and local level to understand the current situation and in what conditions we can travel. This will greatly facilitate transportation and where you’re staying in order to avoid unexpected last-minute surprises due to not being properly informed. Therefore, it is convenient, whether you are traveling within your country or outside your country, that you look for information in a conscientious way in order to be aware of all the details related to the allowed movements. You should consult different media and web pages of your local state organisation, as well as read the conditions of the flight companies or the places of accommodation you have booked.

Plan your suitcase in advance

In addition to bringing clothing and footwear on your next trip, remember to also incorporate the now much-needed health kit in your suitcase. The health kit might include a set of objects laid out by the health recommendations to maintain an adequate protection in outdoor or indoor spaces. This kit includes a couple of spare hygienic or surgical masks, in case the mask we have reaches its expiration date or accidentally falls off, a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, with a minimum amount of 60% alcohol, and a thermometer, in case you need to take your temperature.

Take out travel insurance

Due to the constant changes, it is advisable to take out travel insurance. In this sense, the context of circumstances may vary before the trip is made and, as a result we advise you to invest in insurance in case of emergency changes in schedules or cancellations of flights, for example. Nowadays, many insurance companies have already incorporated new clauses in their policies to advise travellers who keep their desire to travel intact but are affected by unexpected changes.

In any case, remember that safety is key. Even though you might have planned the best trip of the year, it is convenient to take into account the current reality that we are going through at the moment and to know how to prioritize health over leisure. It is everyone’s responsibility to take the appropriate protective measures and obey the local restrictions in order to try to get out of this situation as soon as possible. Therefore, in the case of not being able to make a trip, it can always be postponed for later, without cancelling entirely!

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