Bath or Shower in Your Home Bathroom?

Are you thinking of changing the layout of the bathroom at home? Are you debating whether to leave the bathtub or change to a shower or vice versa? Not to worry! From the Hotel Sevilla GreenSuites, we’ve put together an analysis of pros and cons of each of these elements to help you decide which is best for you. Read on for more details.

Adapting To Needs

When you’re making bathroom renovations at home, one large dilemma generally arises: Do we choose bathtub or shower? Sometimes the decision is clear and it’s essentially based on the amount of space available in the bathroom, when most opt for a standing shower only. However, when the bathroom is relatively large enough to accommodate a standard bathtub or a large shower, or even both, it is worth analysing the pros and cons of both options. In this case, using common sense is always best, taking into account the needs of the members of the household, the functionalities of each system, as well as the expense of water use.

As the years go by, our personal circumstances change and, therefore, so do our practical and daily needs. All of this is accelerated with children or any elderly family members at home. And, during the first years of a baby’s care, a bathtub becomes almost indispensable, while with the care of an elderly person, a shower tray with a built-in seat would be the most suitable alternative for peace of mind. Taking all this into account, bathroom manufacturers have managed to create a combined option that includes bath and shower  in the same system with features that bring the benefits of both elements together.

If We Combine Both…

Having a combined option in the bathroom, merging a bathtub and a shower, create a more complete aspect to the bathroom. One of the great advantages of this design is that the shower curtain or door can be opened outward or simply pulled to the side to comfortably enjoy the bathtub, if desired, in case we want to fill it to the brim in a long-awaited moment of relaxation at home. Sounds great!

Benefits of Having a bath

Bathrooms have changed considerably since their origins. Conceived in ancient times as public spas with varying temperatures, the bath has become a relatively frequent element in private spaces and, nowadays, it is related to personal and daily hygiene. However, if we have a bath at home, we should make the most of it, both as an element of daily hygiene and as a temple of relaxation whenever possible.

Almost privileged at home nowadays, baths are an ideal place to either recharge your batteries after a tiring day at work or start the weekend with a tribute to self-care. The truth is that we lead a frenetic pace of life and, sometimes, it is best to stop and rest, attending to your personal and physical needs. One way to achieve absolute calm is by filling the bathtub with warm water and enjoying some time alone, with background music if you feel like it, and letting your thoughts flow. An ideal plan if you’re looking for a break!

Benefits of Having a Shower Only

Water is a source of life, in every sense. In addition to being recommended for daily hydration with 2 litres of water to maintain balanced oxygen levels in our body, water also gives us energy and vitality in the form of a shower to start the day. It is an extra provision to start the day on the right foot, being clean and having clear ideas. For this, showers are ideal spaces if we are looking for a basic element for everyday use. Showers are also very relaxing, as are baths, but the format is different; they are shorter and help save more water.

When enjoying a shower, it’s important to take into account the temperature of the water. To enhance the value of a good shower, specialists advise to regulate the degrees starting with warm water and ending with cold water because it brings great benefits to the body. Among the recognised advantages, it moisturizes hair and skin better, tones muscles, hardens the epidermis when there is flaccidity or cellulite and notably reduces the sensation of tension or stress.

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