Consejos para conseguir la relajación del cuerpo y de la mente
Tips to Relax Your Mind and Body

Learning techniques and developing healthy habits for relaxation can help us avoid continuously feeling stressed. In order to do that, we’ll need to identify tools to better cope with those moments of excessive worry surrounding a particular issue. There are a multitude of issues every day that require our attention and decision making, but it is important that these two aspects not get the best of us, for our own physical and mental well-being. At Hotel GreenSuites Sevilla we’ve put together a few tips to help reach a healthy state of relaxation for the mind and body when you need it most in times of stress. Make sure to take notes to remember for later!

1. Notice what is worrying you

It is important to first be aware that our mind requires attention that we sometimes may not be able to give it. We often invest too much time and energy in matters that, when it comes down to it, do not depend on our actions and therefore should not involve so much of our attention. Nowadays, we tend to be more impatient human beings and look for immediate results and quick solutions. However, there are issues in life that cannot be resolved within a short period of time. For this reason, it is very important to become aware of the thoughts that worry us, and at the same time, identify if they are a factor associated with a real event or if it simply something created in our own minds that hasn’t occurred or may not occur at all. This can help us to see the situation from another point of view.

2. Breathe and think positively

Breathing is essential for our bodies to stay alive. As it is involuntary, we do not pay attention to breathing. However, in stressful situations, with strong emotions involved, it is highly recommended to stop, inhale and exhale for a few minutes focusing on our breathing. If we are seeking to relax our body and mind, to do so, it can be very rewarding to practice inhalation and exhalation exercises.

3. Start an activity

Taking advantage of the distraction provided by a physical activity whether it be cooking, reading, watching a film, or going out for a walk or run is essential for focusing your attention on a hobby that helps you feel relaxed and calm. Likewise, it prevents one from thinking about that stressful subject. Once you’ve finished the activity, the issue is still there but you’ve had time to relax your mind from the issue so you can see it from a new perspective.

4. Sleep

The truth is that sleep is one of the most effective forms of total relaxation that exists, as through sleep, our mind accesses a state of calm that frees us from tension and allows the body to relax naturally. In fact, you don’t even need a full night’s sleep to feel relaxed. Resting for a 30-minute nap would be enough to wake up calm and feeling different. You might even notice a significant change the same day. As Thomas Jefferson famously stated, “It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.”

In summary, keeping our mind and body relaxed is key to taking care of our physical and emotional health. If you follow the advice suggested, you will be able to feel better even when stress or sadness seem to take over. Each one of us has our own battles to deal with and the most important aspect is learning techniques that can help to take on those issues in order to feel better daily.

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