Los beneficios mentales de viajar
The Psychological Benefits of Travel

Touring the world is not only fun and exciting, it also helps you live longer and better. That’s not just us saying it, science has studied it and corroborated it, for the record! The truth is that traveling makes us more empathetic, broadens our perspectives, increases our knowledge, generates positive thinking and many other things. And, that’s how we perceive it when we return home and look back, right? From the Hotel GreenSuites Sevilla we wanted to collect a few of the psychological benefits that travel offers. What are you waiting for to discover them?

1. It Broadens our Perspective of the World Around Us

The truth is that traveling helps us to revitalise and better focus our lives. There are as many travel options that can broaden our horizons as there are people in the world: from traveling to India to live for 3 months, to studying abroad for a four to six month period in a country radically different from your own, to organising a weekend trip with friends in a cabin in the countryside or even cycling around a mountain on a sunny morning. There are many travel alternatives and all of them are valid to show that going out of our comfort zone helps us to broaden our perspective on life.

2. It Strengthens Our Social Relationships

When we travel accompanied, be that with our partner, with our friends, with our parents, etc. the social relationship previously established with them is strengthened since new situations are experienced that give rise to interesting or funny anecdotes that cause us to come together as members of a common group. These new experiences, to whatever degree, also offer us an intrinsic benefit because they bring us to experience and come to terms with realities that perhaps we did not know were there before and now, after living them, they help us to understand ourselves and know how we react to them. They are all advantages, aren’t they?

3. It Develops Our Creativity

Currently there are scientific studies that corroborate the relationship between increased creativity and knowledge of new cultures when we travel. According to José Manuel Moltó Jordá, a member of the Spanish Society of Neurology, “travelling opens our minds, makes it more creative and gives us more capacity to understand”. This doctor explains, in an interview by the magazine National Geographic, that the reaction to new sensations activates our brain because we need to adapt to them and, due to this readaptation, our creativity is benefited and further developed.

4. Encourages Positive Feelings

In addition to all of the above, travel enhances our ability to problem solve and generates positive emotions, increasing our communication skills and reducing stress. The truth is that from the moment you start organising the trip you have wanted to take for so long until you enjoy it, even come back and remember it, a series of positive thoughts associated with the illusion of getting to know a new country, traveling with the person you love or discovering a new language, etc. are many reasons why a trip boosts our joy and our emotion. How could you miss this wonderful way of being happy! What is the next trip you would like to take?

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