5 Tips to Keep Your Room Clean

Keeping the area where you sleep, work or study clean, organised and well-ventilated is important throughout the entire year, but especially when we are spending a large portion of time there. From the Hotel Green Suites, we want to make this seemingly daunting task just a bit easier, so we’ve prepared a list of 5 suggestions so that you can be in a room that is disinfected and well organised. Get your notepad out and follow these steps to become the new Marie Kondo!

  • Clean up clothing on the floor and on the bed

Throwing your clothes on the floor, on the bed or letting them off the back of your chair can make a clean room look just the opposite. Start by collecting all of clothing about the room and sort it as either clean or dirty. After, wash the clothes that are dirty and put the clean clothes away in the right drawer or hang them in closet.

  • Pick up all of the rubbish and throw it out

It is easy for rubbish and dirty dishes to accumulate in our rooms, as we leave paper about and used coffee mugs on the desk without cleaning them later. However, to take care of this step, all you need to do is take one trip around the room with a rubbish bag in hand picking up anything that should be thrown away and placing it into the bag or taking used dishware into the kitchen to clean.

  • Change your bed sheets and wash the current ones

This step might require just a tad more effort, but it is important for your bed to get a bit of ventilation now and then. It is even helpful to make your bed each day! This will make your room appear a lot more organised and the air in the room will continuously be renewed. The recommendation is to change your bed sheets every two weeks, but if you feel like doing it less often, start by picking up a new pair of sheets and getting to work!

  • Clean off your desk and clear up the clutter

Desks are often the messiest part of a room as everything seems to accumulate there. Nonetheless, we know you spend the majority of time working and studying on your desk, so we recommend the following: first, collect all of the papers, notes or loose sheets that you find. Second, gather all the pens, pencils, etc. and put them in a cup or pencil case. Lastly, take the books or magazines that you have all over the desk and put them in their normal spot or find a new home for them. Good as new, right?

  • Dust the furniture and sweep or vacuum the floor

Last but not least, the fifth step is no less important than the others. Keeping your room clean of dust and disinfecting away any germs is fundamental for guaranteeing a clean room. For that, you can use a duster or a humid microfiber cloth and dust off your furniture, lamps or shelves that you have in your room. Also, you should clean the floor, using a vacuum to clear up the dust or use a broom if you have tile or wood flooring.

Following these 5 simple steps, your room will be cleaner and more organised than ever and you’ll have one less thing to worry about in life. It’s a win-win situation!

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