Conoce la provincia de Sevilla
The 4 most enchanting towns in the province of Seville

Seville is more than just a city, it also includes the towns that make up its province. And, throughout its realm, there are many authentic wonders in architecture and gastronomy that deserve to be discovered. So, from Sevilla GreenSuites, we’ve prepared a compilation of four towns for you to explore, at home for now at least. Are you ready to know more about the province of Seville? Keep reading and learn everything you need to know!


Just 30 kilometres away from Seville, Carmona is a small town that is full of surprises for everyone who visits, not only because of its historical character reflected in its architectural monuments, but also because of the delicatessen known as “la torta inglesa” or the English cake, that is a must-try if you are anywhere near Carmona. Unlike other cakes, this dessert has both crispy and soft layers, made with eggs, flour, sugar, ground cinnamon, angel hair marmalade and puff pastry. So, is your mouth-watering yet or should we give you even more reasons to head over to Carmona?

Truth be told, Carmona is one of the hidden gems among the municipalities in Seville for the general public, but there are many attractions that reflect its history, architecture and cuisine. Among those are the Alcazar (castle) of King Don Pedro, now converted into a Parador Nacionalor a national parador hotel, the Tower of Pinacho or, perhaps the most famous, the remains of the Roman necropolis that existed centuries ago. Without a doubt, it has a Mudejar character that is nothing short of impressive.


In recent years, Osuna has become a real tourist attraction in the province of Seville after having set the scene for numerous episodes of the famous TV series Game of Thrones. This town stands out for its Renaissance appearance in each of the exterior facades of its palaces, its hermitages and in the doors of private homes. To walk through the streets of Osuna is to discover a network of narrow alleys and tall glorious houses that give this town its unique and original touch.

As a curious fact, Osuna is the perfect example of a geographical area with drastic changes in climate since its winter temperatures usually mark low figures in centigrade while, when the summer season arrives, these become surprisingly high, even reaching 40 degrees C for several days in a row. In any case, these sudden changes are later compensated by its great architecture and gastronomy.

Cazalla de la Sierra

Within the province of Seville, Cazalla de la Sierra is a must-see among the municipal villages that we have compiled at Sevilla GreenSuites. It is a town located next to the North Sierra Natural Park and located, as its name indicates, in the northern area of the capital of Seville. The best part about the view is that there is a flat terrain crossed by a river, the Guadalquivir, but few glimpse a mountainous landscape.

Cazalla de la Sierra not only offers its visitors a natural park with views of rocky ground surrounded by nature, but also a multitude of unique monasteries and parishes that make this village worth visiting.


At a geographic distance of only 7 kilometres is Santiponce, a municipality of 8500 inhabitants, which is known worldwide as home to the ruins of Italica. Simply by the mere fact of having the archaeological remains of what was one of the most important cities in ancient Hispania, it already proves to be a municipality of note. But, if we also add the extra of having the Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo, an architectural gem founded in 1301 that remains open to the public, it becomes a very complete town in all its senses.

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