Natural parks in Seville
The top 3 most impressive natural parks in Seville

Seville, alongside other Andalusian provinces like Huelva, hold true natural gems in their natural parks and mountain ranges. From the well-known Doñana Natural Park, to the North Sierra Natural Park with the source of the Huéznar River and the village of Cazalla de la Sierra, through the Sierra de Aracena, there are many natural areas worth visiting in Seville. So, from Sevilla GreenSuites, we’ve detailed the top 3 most beautiful spots in Seville for you to enjoy at home! What are you waiting for?

Doñana National Park

Doñana is a natural space that is now part of what is known as Doñana National Park, located between the Andalusian provinces of Huelva and Seville. This unique space in the world is one of the largest wetlands on the European continent and is home to many species of birds that feed and breed in this area during the winter season.

The truth is that this well-known natural area is located mainly in the province of Huelva, but its nature extends to the province of Seville. Doñana has a marshy area and a lagoon area which are the most extensive, as well as a scrubland which is home to many pine trees and dunes. It is, without a doubt, a spectacular natural area in sight and incredibly complete in its range of landscapes. In addition, a curious phenomenon takes place when the sea winds blow, the dunes move inland and form corrals or groups of pines that are completely surrounded by sand.

Among its varied vegetation, there are many animals that coexist together, but the one that generates the greatest interest is the Iberian lynx, a species in serious danger of extinction. The few specimens that remain are not easily seen as they are normally camouflaged among the different areas of scrub on the lookout for their prey—rabbits. Likewise, and with regard to another important species in the area, at the beginning of autumn, flocks of geese arrive to spend the winter in the lagoons.

North Sierra Natural Park

The Sierra Norte (North Sierra) Natural Park is another pure natural enclave in Seville and is located just 50 kilometres north of the capital. In this area there is a great variety of attractive landscapes, but the most outstanding are the waterfalls and beginning of the Huéznar River, the town of Cazalla de la Sierra or the artificial beach located in San Nicolás del Puerto. This is, without a doubt, an area of amazing beauty that leaves no one indifferent to the opportunity to enjoy it.

The waterfalls of the river Huéznar, also known as Huesna, are located about 20 km from the town of Cazalla and it is even possible to hike around the marvelous area. This path starts at the Restaurant El Martinete and goes up the riverbed until you reach the source of the river. It is a pleasant and easy walk to complete, as you can easily enjoy the almost magical surroundings. Moreover, the waterfalls constitute an image similar to that of curtains in movement since the movement of the river, together with the rocky geography of the place, creates a special kind of slide.

Aracena Sierra and The Picos de Aroche

The Aracena Sierra is made up of an extension of locations including a total of 28 municipalities, between Huelva and Seville, and is one of the largest areas in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Its geographical location creates a barrier in the air masses coming from the Atlantic Ocean, which means that this area receives very high levels of rainfall throughout the year. This explains the reason for numerous river courses, such as the Múrtigas and Odiel river as well as the Huelva riverbank.

As for the most common animal species in this area, there are wild boar and the domestic pig. Next in line, although in smaller numbers, are the otters, lynxes, black and griffon vultures, and golden eagles. Without a doubt it is an area full of nature that is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

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