Interview with Jesús Morillo, Head of Kitchen of Green Suites Café.

Jesús Morillo tell us his profesional career, his passion for cooking and his new project as Head of Kitchen in Green Suites Coffee.


What has been your culinary journey?
My passion for cooking actually began in my home with my family, watching my mother and my grandmother cook. Although my academic training was carried out in the Superior School of Hospitality of Seville, of the well-known Taberna del Alabardero. I started working in the kitchens of the Cenador de Amós restaurant; with two Michelin stars, in Cantabria. And later in the famous Torres y García restaurant in Seville.


What is the main purpose of your kitchen?
As I mentioned my culinary beginnings are in my family home, my main objective with my kitchen is just “to awaken the sensations of childhood food, adding a differential and modern touch”.


If you had to invite a good friend to eat at home, which dish would you make?
If I had to invite a good friend to eat at home, I would make him a terrine of suckling lamb, on garlic puree and its juice.


Is there much difference between the dishes that Jesus Morillo, chef of Green Suites, makes in the restaurant and those he prepares at home?
Not really. Although the dishes I cook at home tend to be simpler, except for special meals, the love I put into the dishes I make is the same. Cooking is a passion that is hard to ignore.


What are the products and ingredients that most inspire you when creating a dish?
Especially the Mediterranean products; tomatoes, spices, a good fresh fish, rice, etc.


We are currently living a change in our way of living, especially feeding ourselves. Do you think that people are more concerned today about their diet and the products they use?
Sure, every day more. Nowadays, people are informed of everything they consume, thanks to all the media that exist: television, social networks, blogs, etc. People are more aware of healthiness and healthy eating.


Today, gastronomy is fashionable and usually on television and social networks we see recipes and exquisite dishes. Do you think that customers are more demanding?
Yes, as I said, customers are much more informed about the restoration, which is why they demand quality products and better elaborations.


Tell us about Sevilla Green Suites Coffee.

Sevilla Green Suites Coffee has been a huge challenge for me, since it is not a restaurant to use. Sevilla Green Suites Coffee is a very versatile restaurant, where anyone can enjoy a menu of lunches and dinners with a modern Mediterranean inspiration. It also offers a very trending cocktail service, which is ideal for sunsets on your terrace. And at the same time, it continues to be a hotel restaurant where customers can have a continental breakfast in the morning for example.


Do you have a favourite quote?
One of my favourite quotes is the following: “Creativity is easy, the hard part is having the idea” by Ferrán Adrià.



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