Disfruta de Andalucía realizando estas actividades al aire libre este verano
Experience Andalusia Outdoors This Summer

Sunny days and nights without a jacket. The excellent climate makes this region one of the most popular during holiday periods to do all kinds of outdoor activities and not just to take a dip in the Mediterranean and Atlantic beaches.

The large variety of leisure activities, as well as its rich culture and appetizing gastronomy makes it almost difficult to choose between the many alternatives offered.

Thinking of spending your holiday in Andalusia? If you’re ready for an unforgettable experience, take note of the following suggestions for fun activities in Andalusia.

Horse Racing in Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Everyone enjoys going to the beach, but why not upgrade to a truly unforgettable experience by witnessing the world-famous Horse Racing in Sanlúcar of Barrameda (Cádiz).

As the sun goes down over Piletas Beach, the tide lowers in Sanlúcar and the jockeys prepare to start the equestrian show. The sporting event is not only an important competition for stables and jockeys, it is also full of tradition.

The festival of international touristic importance is a must see if you are travelling through Andalusia around the event dates. The beach becomes an impromptu racecourse for an event that is divided into two cycles of three days each: from the 9th to the 11th of August and the 25th to the 27th of August.

Join the crowd of people who keep coming back each year!

The Perseids Meteor Shower

Far from the city, the countryside is calling for you to sit back and enjoy the stars. When you take a break from the city lit skies you’ll discover that there are nights when the sky dresses in its finest.

The night of the 11th to 12th of August as well as the night of the 12th to the 13th of August are when the world famous meteor shower will take place and light up the skies of Andalusia. Thousands of people flock to the beaches or fields located outside of the city to enjoy the show. Popularly known as the tears of San Lorenzo, it is actually a meteor shower of dust particles that are left behind from the comets around the sun. Experience the event for yourself!

International Polo Tournament

Polo fans and players alike, alongside their horse teammates, look forward to a special event not to be forgotten in summer: The International Polo Tournament. Established as one of the most important sporting and social events of the summer season, it transforms the Santa María Polo Club in Sotogrande (San Roque, Cádiz), into a tourist hub until the 31st of August.

In this elite competition teams will fight for the various cups at stake, the Bronze Cup, The Silver Cup and the Gold Cup. The event is a show in itself as, in addition to the games, attendees can enjoy live music, food trucks, restaurants, shopping areas, areas for children and a special “After Polo” section.

Tribute to the Expedition of Magallanes-Elcano

Saturday the 10th of August, the city of Seville commemorates the expedition that made the first trip around the world 500 years ago. The trip began precisely that day from the Southern Cities of Seville and Sanlúcar de Barrameda in 1519.

A military act and raising the commemorative flag of the 500 year anniversary of the first trip around the world with the fleet will take place at the Gold Tower in Seville. Following the act, enjoy the parade that will go from the Roundabout for Volunteer Soldiers up to La Rábida Street.

There are also other activities planned until the 15th of September. In fact, the new interpretation centre of the first trip around the world will open its doors for the first time, which is located in the touristic reception area of Marqués de Contadero (tourism office in Seville). The exposition space aims to bring you 500 years in the past. It is open to the public from 10-2am in the morning and 5-9pm in the afternoon. Have a look for yourself!

Concert Music Festival

Chiclana is an ideal destination for its beaches, but it also offers a wide variety of opportunities for leisure. In fact, Concert Music Festival is a popular event because of its location in Sancti Petri and because it offers a wide variety of activities.

Not only is it a space where you can enjoy the best musical artists, but also humour. With more than 60 shows, it brings in big national and international artists such as Bertín Osborne, Los Morancos, Siempre Así, José Mercé y Tomatito, Manuel Carrasco, Taburete, Hombres G among others.

A venue with the highest level of comfort, visibility and the best services for restaurant and leisure. You can attend until the end of August, why not enjoy one of these shows?

Trip Around Doñana National Park in 4X4

Some plans are priceless. Exploring the beauty of nature with your own eyes can be one of them. Andalusia is fortunate for all of the different landscapes it possess and Doñana is one of them thanks to its beautiful environment.

Discover the beautiful pine forests, marshland and grassland in this natural space. We recommend you go for a trip in a 4X4 through Doñana National Park, the views are spectacular.  

Whether it is because of the climate, monuments or the wide variety of activities available, Andalusia is where everyone wants to go on holiday. However, to enjoy all of these events, you’ll need to rest and that is where Hotel Green Suites in Seville offers its expertise. At Sevilla Green Suites, you can enjoy the best features, as well as a key environment for golf lovers and those who are fond of the city. Make your reservation here, we’ll be waiting for you!  

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