Sevilla ocio entretenimiento diversión
Enjoy the entertaining side of Seville

Seville is a city rich with culture and mouth-watering gastronomy, but don’t miss out on its wide range of opportunities to enliven your plans with friends and family. We put together a list to help you enjoy Seville to the fullest through everything from music and theatre to painting and equestrian events. What are you waiting for?

See the City By Bus

One way to enjoy a scenic tour of the city and see the cultural and historic monuments of Seville in just 24 hours, is by hopping on a bus ride. The entire circuit lasts about 80 minutes and its itinerary starts at the Torre de Oro (Gold Tower) and runs to the Plaza de Armas, by way of the Isla Mágica (Water Park) and the Barrio de Triana (Triana Neighborhood). It also includes access to four excursions on foot through the city.

The advantage of taking this bus tour is that the ticket lasts for 24 hours and lets you hop on and hop off at any stop you choose. This way, tourists have the opportunity to spend more time visiting any of the most important sites of Seville on the route that they desire. In total, there are 14 stops.

Seville Aquarium

On the inside of this newly reformed aquarium, you can find up to 400 different animal species, two ecosystems: the Tropical Jungle and the Mangrove, with tropical fish, green anacondas, coloured frogs and 100 year old turtles. Lastly, there is a Jellyfish Exposition over a range of 15 tanks, so that visitors can see their almost hypnotic movements up close.

Currently, the Seville Aquarium is a touristic and educational city reference for all types of audiences, as the objective of the aquarium is to help its visitors experience the unknown and mysterious areas of the marine world as well as show the beauty of the sea depths and the enormous diversity of organisms and ecosystems that exist nowadays.

Immersive Exposition of Gustav Klimt

(October 10th-December 15th)

This is the first Spanish immersive exposition dedicated to the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, known for his mastery of gold shimmer in his work. The exposition displays paintings of both people and landscapes for you to observe and analyse each of them in detail, down to every gaze. Let yourself get carried away by the melodic music accompanying these works of art. The event is located in the Pabellón de la Navegación on the Isla de la Cartuja (Cartuja Island).

Not to be Missed Events

Fado Festival in Seville (October 22nd-December 10th)

The fifth edition of the Fado Festival of Seville will take place this year. The program involves three concerts which are celebrated In the Teatro Lope de Vega. Among the concerts that are scheduled this year, those highlighted include the Portuguese musician António Zambujo as well as the promising fadista, Teresinha Landeiro. Fado is considered a musical genre of singular importance in the Portuguese cultural memory and it also continues to consolidate progressively as a cultural product that generates the interest of the masses.

European Film Festival (November 8th-16th)

On the agenda of important cultural events that take place in Seville throughout the year, it would be impossible not the mention this among them. This year, the sixteenth edition of the European Film Festival in Seville will take place throughout the month of November. An event with the most outstanding projections of European Cinema bringing together the best directors, producers and actors on the European big screen in Seville. The festival will showcase genres ranging from Film Noir and fantasy to comedies or even animation and visitors can enjoy the works of well-known cinematographers Elia Suleiman, Nadav Lapid, Teona Strugar Mitevska, Corneliu Porumboiu or Justine Triet.

SIBAB (November 19th-24th)

SIBABis an international event celebrated in Seville, which started in the year 1991 and has continued on since then. It showcases Purebred Spanish horses coming from 300 stables in more than 60 countries around the world. Undoubtedly, it is a not to be missed site to see not only for those who love equestrian events, but also for the general public. The testament to its success is that each year there are more than 200, 000 visitors in just one week. It is considered one of the most important events in the city following Holy Week celebrations and the Feria.

Festival de Las Naciones (Festival of Nations) (Now-November 3rd)

The Festival of Nations is back for another year in the Prado de Sebastián in Seville and takes you on a gastronomic, musical, artistic and cultural trip through more than 50 countries located in all parts of the world. With Mexico as an invited country this year, the Festival of Nations includes a varied program of shows and concerts for everyone.

Visit the Rooftops of the Cathedral

With this trip over the rooftops of the Cathedral of Seville, experience the city from a new and different perspective, taking in the unique sites of the Spanish city. This impressive tour takes you on a trip over the rooftops and lets you go up the staircases in addition to seeing the ceilings and stained glass windows just a few metres up, all while the guide explains the construction process for, what is  considered the largest Gothic Cathedral in the World, according the UNESCO.

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