Ruta de la cerveza por Sevilla
Beer Route Through Sevilla

It is scientifically proven that sharing experiences with others makes us happier. As social beings we feel a real need to express our experiences, whatever they may be, and share memories or hobbies with others. This makes life more meaningful and, ultimately, happier. And, precisely, focused on making your life more pleasant and happier, from the Hotel GreenSuites Sevilla we propose a mental journey to enjoy one of the most requested drinks in the city and that still gives us so much joy: beer. Just imagine a midday lunch with friends and a cold refreshing beer or pleasant memories at dinner with your partner. Keep reading and enjoy this route with us!

Sharing is living

Human beings have the tendency to want to share experiences with others, which is also an incredible opportunity to feel like you belong to a certain group and to feel mutual support among the people in it. In this sense, some of the most common occasions for bringing family or friends together is, without a doubt, planning a lunch, gathering or holiday trips. At the same level, these are directly related to new experiences and, moreover, give rise to moments in which we are ourselves and that will make us feel happier.

A fixed date on the calendar

Meeting up for a beer with a group of friends is an ideal plan to catch up, talk about past memories and enjoy new experiences. And, as if that weren’t enough, they’ve even made a day dedicated to beer. August 7 is International Beer Day, which means that you’ve got even more reason to enjoy a refreshing drink with friends.

This international celebration is organized every year on the first Friday of August. Additionally, it is written that the purpose of this day is to: first, plan to meet up with friends and enjoy the deliciousness of beer. Second, to commemorate the work of all those men and women who work in the restaurants and bars of the cities serving beer in the best possible way. And thirdly, to unite the world in its form of many nations and cultures through a single drink: beer in its different varieties.

Which should I choose?

There are numerous types of beer around the world. At present, with the return of craft beers, there has been an increase in Spain of other brewery variants different from pilsner, the so-called traditional beer, especially served on tap. In general, it is important to distinguish two large groups that differ according to the cereal used for fermentation. Firstly, barley beers and, secondly, wheat beers. If you want to taste delicious and fresh beers, come and visit our GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant and spend quality time with family or friends.

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