Ruta de la cerveza por Sevilla
Beer Route Through Sevilla

Come on a beer route with us to learn the benefits of enjoying a cold, refreshing beer on a hot day with friends and family.

paisaje al atardecer de playa cerca de sevilla
The Best Beaches to Visit While in Seville

Want to visit the beach this summer? Check out Greensuite’s list of the best beaches near Seville with golden sand, blue water and peaceful nature.

Haz el Reto de 30 Días de Minimalismo
30 Day Challenge to becoming a minimalist

Do you know minimalism? We suggest that you start the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge so that you can get rid of everything that is no longer worth saving. Discover more details!

Natural parks in Seville
The top 3 most impressive natural parks in Seville

Take a trip at home with Sevilla Greensuites to discover the top 3 most impressive natural parks in Seville including Aracena to the Sierra Norte and Doñana.

Conoce la provincia de Sevilla
The 4 most enchanting towns in the province of Seville

Discover all of the authentic wonders in architecture and gastronomy of Seville that are just waiting to be discovered by visitors, at least at home for now.

calendario bienestar deporte ocio relax alimentación naturaleza
Add a self-care wellness calendar to your routine

Let Sevilla GreenSuites help you find more balance in your life with these suggestions for creating your own wellness calendar for self-care.

contenido películas cine
Top 10 must-see films

Can’t decide what movie to watch? Sevilla GreenSuites has put together a list of their 10 top must-see film picks across genres and countries to enjoy!

contenidos series post genero
A series for every occasion

Looking for a new series to watch? GreenSuites Hotel can help with our list of series suggestions by genre, don’t waste any more time browsing!

7 books to enjoy reading in your free time

Looking for a new book to read in your free time? Check out these 7 suggestions by genre from Sevilla GreenSuites including history, humour, drama and poetry.

Five healthy habits to start your day right at home

Five healthy habits to start your day right at home that will help you face the beginning of each day in a healthier and more positive way. Take some notes!

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